Turkish military is bombing Kurdish Guerrillas and civilians in South-Kurdistan (Iraq)

(Kurdistan National Congress – KNK)

Since the 24th of July, Turkish war jets have indiscriminately bombed Kurdish areas (Xakurke, Qandil, Behdinan, Zap, Gare, Basye, Amedia, and Avasin) in south Kurdistan, where the PKK guerrillas and civilians are situated. These attacks are still continuing, with heavy civilian casualties.

Turkey is insisting on war against the Kurds:
This attack by the Turkish regime on Kurdish areas is an attempt to end the ceasefire proposed by the Kurdish leader, Mr. Abdullah Ocalan in 2013. Before these attacks began, the AKP government banned all outside contact with Mr. Abdullah Ocalan starting from the 5th of April 2015, including access to his legal team. Furthermore, since the ceasefire began in 2013, the AKP government has repeatedly attempted to provoke the PKK, hoping that they would break the ceasefire first. These provocations failed. And so, on 24th July 2015, Turkey launched a new war. Continue reading