IMG_0378We drive at night, from Sulaymaniyah towards Qandil, a mountain range on the Iranian border in northern Iraq, for the festival of Newroz, the Kurdish New Year. During a break, a caravan of buses passes, adorned with flags of Ocalan. After passing a number of peshmerga checkpoints, our taxi driver shouts “PKK”, a guerrilla checkpoint, we enter liberated territory.

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An appeal to the international community

It started with Kobane and Sinjar, and now we are witnessing the same developments in Til Temir, Serê Kanî and Al Hasaka. Since February 22th, these areas have come under a brutal and barbaric assault by the Islamic State. Triggered by their setbacks in Kobane, Til Hemis and Til Birak, the terrorists have launched a major terrorist campaign. No one has been spared, including women, children and so-called ”apostates”. Once again we have witnessed the horrendous enslavement of women by the hands of the terrorists, beheadings of innocent civilians and the destruction of churches and mosques. The tragic fate of our 300 kidnapped Christian’s brothers and sisters is sadly still unknown. Continue reading