The Mahabad uprising following the death of Farinaz Xosrawani

KJAR has released a press statement in solidarity with the uprising in city of Mahabad following the death of a 25 year old Kurdish woman Farinaz Xosrawani who committed suicide following an attempted sexual assault by a government agent.

Following the news of her tragic death Kurds, consisting mostly of young university students flooded the streets of Mahabad in protest over the murder of the young woman. The gathering occurred outside the hotel in which Farinaz was employed and the building in which she jumped to her death to escape sexual assault. In response, the government regime used live ammunition against the protesters leading to the death of a number of individuals and many more injured. KJAR expressed its solidarity and grief for Farinaz’s family and expressed its support for the courages protestors who took to the streets and were subsequently arrested, killed or injured by regime guards.

KJAR strongly condemned the actions of the Iranian regime and its treatment of Kurdish people, particularly Kurdish women and its policies of violence and oppression of women in minority ethnic groups. KJAR stated further that, the Iranian regime has long adopted aggressive and violently repressive policies in its treatment towards minorities such as the Kurds. As a result of these policies violence and abuse of women and the youth is a daily and constant occurrence in the country. The same patriarchal mentality and ideological perspective that led to the death of Farinaz is also the same belief that has led to the death of many other women in the regime including Shayda, Rehana, Farxonde and others. These repressive policies also show the similarities between Daesh (ISIS) and that of the Islamic Republic of Iran when it comes to women’s rights. The assault on Farinaz is also an attack on society and the Kurdish community and the collective Iranian society. It is, therefore, essential that women and the youth act as central figures in organizing themselves in demanding justice and change in society. It is just as essential that women develop their own security forces and measures as a response to the regime’s long history of sexual violence towards women.

It is imperative that Kurdish youth and women in other Kurdish cities in Rojhelat also stand in solidarity with the uprising in Mahabad and collectively work to oppose the oppressive policies of the Iranian regime and to demonstrate a zero tolerance policy towards the regime and its policies towards the Kurds, women and youth.

Free Women’s Communities of Kurdistan (KJAR)

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